Avex Autoseal ReCharge Tumbler | The coffee mug you won't stop using... No Joke.

The Avex ReCharge is a tumbler that stores hot and cold drinks for extended periods of time. It holds 17 ounces of liquid and is vacuum insulated for superior temperature retention. The version we received was an awesome gunmetal type red and it has a really slick look to it as you'll see in the photos. We really loved how the angles of the lid came together for a sweet geometric look.  Here are the first thoughts when I first opened up the packaging.  

1. It looks really awesome and has an impeccable design it also has a great feel to it in my hand. 

2. The top seems a little complex and I just know it is going to be a bear to clean. (The trick is to always rinse it out quick after you have coffee in there and to use the top rack of the dishwasher to clean it as best possible. 

3. Avex did a great job with this one, I think it'll be intuitive to use! 

As I continued to use it, I continued to see how intuitive and innovative the design is and how well made it is. Here are my thoughts after an extended usage period. 

1. The cap is made with a high level of genius built in! The majority of the cups like this I have used have become gunky in the cap over time, but with the unique design of the cap it allows for an easy level of cleaning. 

The inside of the cap flips out for easy cleaning.

The inside of the cap flips out for easy cleaning.

2. I love that the cup held heat and cold for so long. It held a good amount of heat for about 7 hours and at 12 hours it wasn't awful to drink my coffee either. 

3. The feel or cover of the mug is comfortable to hold in hand and makes for easy manueverability without being to slippery or uncomfortable.  

4.The Autoseal technology mixed with the flip-top and Autoseal safety make for a great leakproof combo.

Overall we really love this awesome piece of Avex Gear and we can't wait to continue testing their products. We love to see innovation in practice and this travel mug is surely hitting the mark! 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.