Benefits of Using a Refillable Water Bottle

Did you know over 50 billion disposable water bottles are distributed in the US each year? The average American spends $5 on bottled water each week! However, using a refillable water bottle instead not only saves money, it saves you from worrying about environmental factors concerning water usage and waste.

In California alone, more than 1 billion water bottles end up in the trash—not the recycling. With oil costs rising, the cost of making and purchasing these disposable bottles is sure to increase. There is an environmental cost as well. While tap water is locally sourced and naturally dumped, many bottle water companies route water away from its natural source causing irrevocable damage to the landscape and ecosystem.



Save Your Source



If you refill your water bottle, you know your water source. Tap water in developed countries is safe and governed by strict laws. Or you might choose to use a home filter (or a portable filter for outdoor recreation activities). In addition, many places, such as National Parks, fitness centers and airports, offer water bottle refilling stations.



Save Your Taste Buds



Plastic water bottles may leech chemicals into your water, creating that plastic “off” taste. But using a BPA-free water bottle made of plastic, stainless steel or glass keeps your water fresh and chemical free. Plus, bottled water doesn’t actually taste better—or different. Often it is filtered tap water, which you could make yourself at home. According to the taste test conducted at Boston University, only every third tester identified bottled water correctly. Plus, with a reusable water bottle, you’re not limited to only drinking H2O. One of the benefits of a reusable water bottle is you can refill it with anything you want. A high quality one will definitely keep your cold beverage cold and your hot one hot!



Save Time and Effort



If you make the right purchase, a quality water bottle could be the only one you need for a decade or more. Good water bottles are made for activities like camping, hiking or travel. Since bottles come in a variety of colors and sizes, you’re sure to find one that suits each individual taste. Properly cared for, a reusable water bottle is an investment in your health as well as environmental sustainability.



Popular brands of reusable water bottles include:



  • Nalgene The Tritan, a 32 ounce wide mouth BPA-free plastic bottle, has been this well-known company’s bestseller for 20 years. Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Camelbak Known for water packs as well as bottles, the popular 12 ounce Eddy is great for kids and comes in a variety of colors and prints.

  • Polar Bottle This 20 ounce insulated water bottle pioneered the BPA free movement. Durable and lightweight with a removable carrying strap.

  • HydroCell A stainless steel choice that comes in a variety of sizes and with a lifetime guarantee.



Time to drink, refill, repeat!