Corksicle Canteen

By: Jordan Belton

There is a scene in Shawshank Redemption where Andy does a favor for the prison guards and in return, asks for some ‘cold beverages’ for his fellow convicts after a day of hard work. Red, played by Morgan Freeman, says “We sat and drank with the sun on our shoulders and felt like free men...We were the lords of all creation.” It is always better to have alcohol outside: under the sun, on the beach, by the campfire, under the stars. A cold one always tastes better after a little physical activity. The problem is, is that everyone associates outdoorsy people with beer. Every alcohol commercial you have seen with people being physically active is followed by them clinking bottles of beer together. What if beer is not your first drink of choice? Personally, I am a wine drinker, surrounded by beer drinkers. Wine isn’t always convenient to take on an outdoor adventure, because you have to carry the bottle and not forget the wine opener. Once you open it you either need to finish the bottle or make sure it is capped tight to prevent it from becoming stale or leaking. And forget about white wine, especially in the summer, it won’t stay chilled.

So, in the comfort of my own home, over a 24 hour period, I tested a product called the Corkcicle. The concept is similar to a thermos. Remember when your parents would take you sledding and then, after you were done, they would hand you a thermos full of warm hot chocolate? (That is one of my lucky memories.) The warm velvety chocolateness felt so good after playing so hard in the cold snow. The Corkcicle is designed to give the same satisfaction for someone who has played hard on a hot day and wants a cold one. Especially, if the cold one is a refreshing glass of wine.

All wines should be kept at a moderate temperature, so even if you are bringing a bottle of red and it bakes in the sun, you have ruined the taste ever so slightly. The Corkcicle can keep your wine at the same temperature you poured it at for 24 hours. I started by pouring a chilled bottle (yes a full bottle!) of Chardonnay into the Corkcicle at 4pm. The Corkcicle has a cap that screws on and off; easy to use but still a tight fit. I set it right beside my stove so it would be directly next to the heat as I cooked dinner. Around 6pm I poured a little glass. It tasted great! The wine was still chilled enough to chill the glass. I continued to have a glass every few hours. (Fun night.) By midnight (8 hours later) I could tell a slight difference in the temperature; it definitely wasn’t chilling the glass anymore, but it was still cool. The next morning I had just a sip to see how it had lasted over the night: the wine was still very drinkable, not only because it hadn’t come to room temperature yet, but the taste quality was still there. I returned to it at 4 pm the next day, and I felt like the Corkcicle had kept it’s promise: It had lasted 24 hours with only a gradual decrease in the temperature.

One of my concerns with the Corkcicle was that opening up the wine would expose it to the air and alter the taste. To test this, I opened up a second bottle of the same Chardonnay I had poured into the Corkcicle. During the evening, I gave my husband a blind taste test of both wines. He was completely unable to guess between which glass held the wine that had been recently opened from the bottle and which glass held the wine that had come from the Corkcicle. Taste is not an issue with the Corkcicle.

There are countless options for how your Corkcicle can be used: before leaving for a camping trip, you pour a chilled bottle of white wine into the Corkcicle, and it’s still crisp and refreshing as you sit next to the campfire that night, or preparing for a romantic picnic, you pour a bottle of red that won’t be warmed by the sun during your hike to the waterfall. To go on an outdoor adventure doesn’t mean you have to force down a beer. Instead pack a Corkcicle, and as Red said, enjoy being “lords of all creation”.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.