Caribou Camping Co. THE ECO-FRIENDLY DAYPACK™ Review

Caribou Camping Co Backpack Review

By Leah Heiden

The Caribou THE ECO-FRIENDLY DAYPACK™ is the quintessential backpack for quick jaunt in the woods, a weekend camping trip, and even a school backpack. It is so cool that it is 100% recycled materials, Caribou Camping Co. has really done well here. 

Construction + Design

Caribou Camping Co Backpack Review

One of the best parts about this recycled backpack is how efficient and lightweight it is. While not as light as an ultralight pack, weighing in at 1 pound it is quite the rival for an everyday carry pack. The pack itself not only is built well, it feels like it is built well. The bag is designed with durability and sturdiness in mind. The one aspect that feels left out is a larger amount of small pockets. I know there is a balance that needs to occur, but it feels like there could have been a few more pockets added to the bag. 

Caribou Camping Co Backpack Review


This backpack was great. I took it on a hike with my sister on a beautiful day and it was great to have a fitting and small backpack to use. It is very durable and it does not rub your shoulders at all. It has an extremely comfortable pad on the back part of it which is great when you will be carrying it for a long time on a day hike or camping trip.

It was great for holding my trail snacks, water bottle, my camera, and more. It was easy to adjust the strings to fit me right. It had a good amount of space for my gear to go in, like I mentioned above, I do wish that this had more, smaller compartments in the big pockets.

Caribou Camping Co Backpack Review

Explorer Gear Rating

Overall I rate this pack a 4 out of 5. It is a great pack that is durable and easy to use. Its claims were all true and the pack is incredibly functional. The only downside here is that it isn't perfect. It could use a few more pockets overall and it's missing any flashy functionality that many products use to compete. But overall that makes it a quality backpack without the gimmicks. I would highly recommend this bag for your use!

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