Cocoons Fitover Eyewear | Fitovers Made For Everyday Explorin'

By: Brenda Guernsey

On a regular basis, I depend on sunglasses for three main things:  driving, walking (which I do every day) and gardening/yardwork.  Of course, there are other activities that I do outdoors, such as occasionally reading, going to the beach, and shopping.  I regularly require prescription trifocal glasses, and especially need the reading aspect of the three.    I own a pair of prescription sunglasses, but have not always been happy with those, especially when trying to read the gas pump screen or the driveup ATM.  And the lack of protection from the sides.  I have long been resistant to the “fitover” style sunglasses because of a perception of them as being dowdy, bulky, cumbersome.  But these were none of those things!

Both styles were lightweight and not overly cumbersome.  Especially on bright days, I can tangibly feel my eyes relax when I put this eyewear on.  They really do provide a “tranquil, relaxing environment for the eyes.”  The visibility, both forward and to the sides, was great.  (I especially appreciated this when nearly sideswiped by a large pickup truck recently.  I was able to get out of his way when I caught sight of him from the side.)  The frames are sturdy and the finish seems to be quite durable, for any activity.  The ear pieces are a softer plastic and rest comfortably on my ears.

The style with the amber colored lenses performed as promised, increasing contrast and providing greater depth perception.  This was especially true the several times that I was driving in snowy conditions, or near water.   The Black Cherry frame was very stylish. 

My glasses measure for the Slim Fit Mediums, which is what I tested.  Both pairs of glasses did slip down a bit from time to time, especially when I was hot or moving around a lot (when gardening for instance).  Because of this, I did wonder if the next size down would have contributed to a more secure feel to the eyewear on my face.  Or if a different style from the wide selection that Cocoon makes would have made a difference.

The website was very professional, with great pictures of various types of people using the eyewear, which was helpful.  The general search box on the website was only found after clicking on the “Shop” tab.   Why not have it available on the home page, making it easier to browse and shop? 

I intentionally did not check the price point of this eyewear until after I had tested it for awhile.  For all the features, convenience and durability, it is a great value for the price!!    I would definitely recommend this great eyewear!  

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.