Cool Camping Gear of the Week: Bring on the Bikes

Hey, there! Welcome back to this week’s installment of Cool Camping Gear of the Week—your source for some of the coolest—or quirkiest—gear out there! This week, we’re focusing on gadgets and gear for cyclists. Whether you’re saving gas by cycling to the office or mountain biking to base camp, this week’s gear will keep you pushing pedals in style.


BRAD Water Bottle Cage

Make better use of your bike’s frame on mountain trails with the B-RAD (Bottle Relocation Accessory Device) from Wolf Tooth Components. Their 2-slot base includes a sliding track to allow for more optimal water bottle positioning, even to the point of opening up room for other gear on larger bikes. The 2-slot BRAD is available for $17.95 from Wolf Tooth Components.


Park & Diamond Foldable Bike Helmet

Rolling up with packable gear for city commuters is Park & Diamond, with their collapsible bike helmet. Designed by former Space-X engineers, this lightweight helmet makes use of a patented protective material that claims to absorb and dissipate three times more elastic energy than traditional bike helmets. Combined with it’s portable nature and stylish design, that makes this helmet well-worth looking into. Available preorder on Indiegogo for $84.


FLPSDE Dual CHamber Water Bottle

Ever wished your water bottle could do more? Maybe not, but the FLPSDE will make you reconsider. A patent-pending dual chamber design allows for 20 oz of water storage in a durable and insulated stainless steel outer compartment, while a secondary inner compartment holds your keys, cash, your favorite snack, or even a GoPro safely tucked away. Available for $34.99 from FLPSDE.


Muc-Off Tubeless Sealant

Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents take the form of a punctured tire. If that happens to you, Muc-Off has what might just be the coolest solution out there. This sealant will seep into a punctured hole, and glow green when exposed to the included UV keychain light, making it easier to find and patch later! Available from Muc-Off for $12.95.


Rapha Commuter Jacket

The high-vis, waterproof Commuter cycling jacket from Rapha is an excellent option for commuters (as the name suggests) but could be equally at home on the trails. Featuring a hydrophobic exterior, sealed seams, a mesh back yoke, and dry-touch fabric to keep you comfortable even if you do break a sweat, this jacket might just be your new best cycling friend. Available from Rapha for $130.