Cool Camping Gear of The Week: Camp Cooking

Welcome back to your weekly post of all things cool in camping gear! This week, we’re highlighting gear designed for delicious campground cooking. After all, food is one of life’s great joys. And enjoying a great meal in the great outdoors? Even better.


Nomad Cooking Kit

The Nomad Cooking Kit from Opinel offers the perfect kit for portable food preparation. Featuring two folding knives, a pocket peeler, a beechwood cutting board, and a microfiber cleaning cloth/carrying case, this lightweight but practical set is great for backpacking, boating, hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity where you’ll want to prep a meal. Available from Opinel USA for $85.


Fenik Yuma Evaporative Cooler

Fenik, formerly known as Evaptainer, is a company with a mission. Their innovative adaptation of evaporative cooling technology offers portable, collapsible food storage for on the go needs, and their coolers are perfect for storing produce and other perishable items. But they didn’t design it just for campers—what makes this company so fantastic is their goal to bring refrigeration to developing countries and improve the lives of people in high-poverty areas. The Fenik Yuma is available on Kickstarter for $140, but hurry! It only has 8 days left to back!


GoSun Fusion Solar Cooker

GoSun is well-established as a solar cooker brand, but this latest offering of theirs brings even more to the table. Featuring a lithium-ion power bank and a solar charger, the Fusion lets you continue cooking even after the sun sets. Great for backyard cookouts, campig, RVing, or emergency preparedness, the GoSun Fusion promises to be an excellent addition to your outdoor cooking experience. The GoSun Fusion and Powerbank Kit is available on Indiegogo for $539.


Beeswrap Reusable Wraps

Leave no trace with these reusable sandwich and food wraps from Beeswrap. These wraps make on-the-go food storage incredibly easy, and they’re reusable, too! Constructed from beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic cotton, and tree resin, these wraps aim to make plastic bags a thing of the past. This three-pack is available for $21.00 from their website.


The Splitter Cooking Multitool

This handy tool combines three utensils into one. When attached, the pieces form a set of tongs, perfect for grabbing or turning things while cooking or serving. When detached, the tongs become a spatula and a spork. Durable, practical, and easy to clean, the Splitter is a must for any backyard or camping cookout. Available on Kickstarter for $39 with Early Bird pricing.