Cool Camping Gear of The Week: Vital Outdoor EDC Tools

Hey there, outdoor explorers! Welcome back to Cool Camping Gear of the Week, your source for some of the neatest gear out there. This week, we’re focusing on vital tools for the outdoors, whether it’s a conveniently sized pocket knife or a lightweight but high-function multitool.


First up is the B-2 Blitz from Bomber & Company— a miniature knife designed by the company’s backers! Using the input form over 1,000 surveys and 22,000 backers, Bomber & Company created this knife, which features 440 Carbon stainless steel, a serrated edge, and Tanto blade point. It measures up at a mere 3.7 inches, making it lightweight and practical, and is available on Kickstarter for just $50.


You might have heard of Leatherman’s line of topography inspired tools. The Topo Skeletool marks the one of the newest pieces in in their Topo line of multitools. Featuring seven distinct tools—needlenose pliers, standard pliers, hard-wire cutters, regular wire cutters, a 420HC combo knife, a carabiner/bottle opener, and a large bit driver. The Skeletool weighs in at 5oz, and is available from Leatherman for $69.95


If you’re looking for a simple, elegant tool for the campsite or the backwoods, look no further than the Barebones Japanese Nata Machete. With a comfortable walnut handle and a full-tang stainless steel, 12-inch blade, this machete is designed to withstand years of hard use. It also features copper accents, and a Japanese-inspired design. Available on Amazon for $65.


Fulcrum blades has created what might be the smallest and most adorable of knives in the outdoors market—the Eclipse coin knife. It morphs from its Liberty-dollar-sized, coin-shaped carrying form to a small but easily-gripped knife excellent for your everyday needs. In it’s folded state, it also acts as a bottle opener, making it even more useful. Available for preorder on Indiegogo, starting at $39.


Last, but not least, we have another true multi-tool—the SOG PowerLitre multitool. Weighing in at a mere 4.6 oz, it packs a powerful punch. Featuring 17 distinct tools, the PowerLitre keeps its usefulness wrapped tight in a lightweight and portable package. Available for $49.95 on SOG’s website.