DemerBox Bluetooth, Waterproof Speaker, Rugged, Stylish, and Co-Owned By Zac Brown

Demerbox Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

You ready?

We weren't ready for what came at us when we opened our box.

We connected with the team at DemerBox not long ago and did a sweet giveaway with them. We opened the box they shipped us not really knowing what to expect. We saw that the speaker was over $300, but we had been fooled by Bluetooth speaker prices before. We were ready to be unimpressed. But what happened when we opened the box was pretty amazing.

The speaker came in a simply designed box and honestly, the DemerBox is pretty simple itself. A few plugs, a couple cords in the box, and that's it. So what were we missing?

The sound, the most important part of a Bluetooth speaker right? I think sometimes we get wisped away into thinking that the cool part of a speaker is that it floats or it has an epic look to it or some other frilly thing. But really the most important thing is the sound quality, which most Bluetooth speakers lack in. We have seen good ones before, but they are few and far between. But I have never heard a GREAT portable, Bluetooth speaker until I connected my phone and heard the DemerBox starting singing smoothly to me.

The speaker has a healthy bass, a perfectly tuned treble, and you don't have to mess with volume except on your phone. So as far as sound quality goes the DemerBox is a WINNER, like 105 points out of a 100 scale. You will take this baby everywhere and you won't want to stop. Which is good because the battery life is 50 hours. One of the longest we've also seen for such a tough little guy. By the way, after learning more about DemerBox we really aren't surprised that it sounds great. Zac Brown from The Zac Brown Band invested in it after all. That MEANS something, not only to us, but it should mean something to you too. Even if you don't like your toes in the water and your a... we digress.

What about the other aspects of the speaker?

Well, the design is downright simple. But in a sleek, sexy drop it on the tailgate of your truck kind of way. We asked to review the Barrow Black unit, and we're glad we did, it has a tasteful appeal that we'd take anywhere. But they also offer pops of color and cool patterns for those with a different taste.

On top of the sweet and simple look, it is made durable too. Most brands would have made their own case, but DemerBox knew that someone out there had already done it better. So they worked with Pelican Cases to design the perfect fit around their portable speaker. So we have an ultra smooth sound, an ultra durable housing. Now we understand why it is priced where it is. And honestly, for the quality we think it's priced perfectly, if not a little low!

So where would we rate it? And would we suggest to buy it?

We rate it 10/10 in all regards. Buy it and buy it now before the chance has passed for Christmas. We'd bore you with tech specs, but we respect your time too much. If you want to find out that it weighs 5.44 lbs or that the speaker has two 3 inch, 8ohm, aluminum cones with rubber surround drivers. Then you can head over to the product page and pull out your spectacles. We promise you are going to want to get cozy and get to know the DemerBox.