The Domio Helmet Attachment

The Domio Helmet Attachment

Exploring better and listening to your favorite tunes often go hand in hand. Mountain biking through the woods with a bit of pace music or skiing down the slopes with a song in your head would be awesome. We were recently shown this awesome new piece of gear that could make it more accessible than ever and comfortable too! Check out the Domio. 

In short, Domio is a helmet attachment that uses micro-vibration audio technology (think hearing aids and Google Glass) to transmit audio through to your ears for a 360-degree sound experience.

This video sums it up:

The result is a turning it into a 360-degree sound experience without the need for earbuds that block out the rest of the world, bulky chips inserts, etc.

A select number of Domio units have been made available for pre-order from Domio for $49 USD via The price will go up as units are sold, until Domio’s full retail launch later this year when it’ll hit $109. The estimated ship date for preorders is Fall 2016.