DryPak Dry Bag

dry pak waterproof duffel green

After extensive evaluation, I do enjoy the quality of this Dry Pak dry bag. I received it and was immediately shocked by the size. My first thought was, "When will I ever use this?" My second thought was, "This is awesomely huge!"

Construction and Design

The construction of the bag is fair. There were many seams that seemed to be weak and ready to rip open. However, after thorough testing, I found that the construction was solid, everything stayed together well and I didn't end up having any actual rips or tears.

The design of the bag was quality as well. It has one large open, water tight, area and a few side pockets for easy grab items. The top was easy to close and made the bag feel a bit smaller overall. 

My only question or complaint here is why did they make the bottom of the bag rigid-ish. While it does bend and flex, I really wish the bottom of the bag didn't have a solid shell. For example, I have a large section in the back of my kayak that I wanted to place the bag in, and because of this shell piece, it didn't fit. Overall, well designed and well built, just a few little changes I might make. 


The dry bag was simple to use and offered a dry place for my things to go on a boating trip. The bag functioned well in heavy water spray, however, it did not function when pushed underwater. I did not expect it to extend functionality that far, but it would have been a welcome surprise.

Explorer Gear Rating

The rating of this bag is a 3/5 good for your daily use, but does not have the full features necessary for a 4 or 5 out of 5. If you are a casual user, this is a good one for you! 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.