CHA/O/HA EDC Card Review

By: Blake Ahlgrim


The Cha/O/Ha makes an amazing product called the EDC Card, the Everyday Carry Multi-Tool. So far this tool has come in handy multiple times and more times than I would have imagined. This product is for everyone, whether you’re an explorer or not!

I keep this in my wallet and keep it with me almost everywhere I go. This is the most versatile pocket tool I have seen or used. It has many hex drivers that are extremely useful. It has a small Philips screwdriver and a small flathead screwdriver. There is also a bottle opener that works nicely and you can get nice leverage on it too. On the corner of the card there is a pry bar with a slot that is able to pull up nails. One of the sides is a straight edge that is useful when I need to make sure a line is straight. There is a two inch ruler and a 30 mm ruler, too. This card seems to always be practical. I use it to open boxes on a weekly basis which I don’t think was an intended use, but it works like a charm!

Cha/O/Ha took into account a lot of key things that should be a part of creating an EDC card. The size is perfect and almost the exact size of a credit card. The thickness is a little thick, but it fits alright in my wallet! Another thing they taken into account is the grip holds. There is always a good grip for whatever tool you are using. You are able to get good leverage on the card.

-Small and versatile

-A little thick
-A little tough to get out of your wallet

Overall this card is an amazing tool and a necessity for all who have a wallet. It’s practical on so many levels!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.
The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.