By Ryan Fullerton

EcoXGear EcoPebble Review

The ECOXGEAR ECOPEBBLE is a conveniently small but rugged bluetooth speaker that can enhance any adventure. The appeal of rechargeable bluetooth is that they can be taken anywhere, however, few of these speakers are durable enough to go everywhere. Where other speakers cannot go is where the ECOPEBBLE thrives. ECOXGEAR is based out of San Diego, California where they strive to create dependable and durable audio solutions for the outdoor adventurist community. Ecoxgear has many different speakers to choose from, but in this post I will only discuss the ecopebble. For more information on these top of the line waterproof speakers check out

The ECOXGEAR ECOPEBBLE is an industry leading bluetooth speaker for outdoor enthusiasts. The ecopebble is the perfect size for any traveler, measuring 2.8” x 2.9” x 2.8” and weighing just eight ounces this speaker can fit in any travel bag. If you don't have any room left in your bag don’t fret; this speaker comes with carabiner and lanyard combination that attaches to the speaker's universal mount. The universal mount can be attached to any GoPro mount and most camera mounts. With a built in microphone, you can send and receive calls without disconnecting your phone from the speaker. To save battery life on your device, you can use the auxiliary jack to keep the tunes going once you have made camp for the night. The ecopebble comes with a rubber outer casing to make this the most rugged and durable speaker I have ever used. When using the ECOXGEAR ECOPEBBLE it seems that the battery life is never ending. This particular speakers rechargeable battery lasts up to seven hours per charge. My favorite feature of the ecopebble is that it is waterproof. Ecoxgear decided that a waterproof speaker is no good sinking to the bottom of the lake or ocean so they also designed this speaker to float. The ECOXGEAR ECOPEBBLE has all of the features to make it a top of the line outdoor speaker for adventurists.

I personally use the ECOXGEAR ECOPEBBLE for daily life and all of my explorations. It still amazes me how such a small speaker can produce such a loud and clear sound. My favorite uses of the ecopebble are clipped to my backpack while out hiking and biking, or suction cupped to my stand­up paddleboard while out exploring and training for races. The ways this speaker can be used are limited only by your imagination, I have even seen one mounted to a push lawnmower. For those of you who want to take your music with you everywhere you go without taking up a lot of space, the ECOXGEAR ECOPEBBLE is a must have.