EnerPlex Kickr IV Review

EnerPlex sent the Kickr IV Solar Charger our way and we couldn't be more pumped to test it out. The charge came in an easy open package, the design we got was camouflage. The Kickr IV opens into a 4-panel charge system which receives and transfers sunlight to energy. On the end of the 4 panels, there is a USB attachment that accepts any typical USB connection. The Kickr offers grommets at the end of the panel for hanging or draping on anything you might think of. 

The way I went about testing the Kick IV was by using multiple levels of sunlight and multiple chargeable entities.  I tested the iPhone 5c, an iPad 3 and a GoPro Hero HD. I tested the Kickr in heavy sunlight, cloudy level sunlight and intermittent sunlight.

My initial thoughts as I began testing where not so good, I tested in intermittent light and had the issue of the iPhone "not being supported". Then I tested in cloudy level light, the device did charge, but very slow and it did cause the iPhone to read the error message again. Finally, I tested in heavy, direct sunlight. I was pleased that my iPhone started to charge at a great rate, 1.5 hours for a full charge. I proceeded to test the GoPro and the iPad as well. I was not able to get any charge on the iPad, however, the GoPro charged well in both cloudy and direct sunlight. The GoPro was able to charge, without error to a full charge in 1.25 of direct sunlight. The benefit to the GoPro was that it didn't error out and stop charging.


  1. Charges quickly in direct sunlight.
  2. Easy storage, light weight (.6 lbs.)
  3. Good amount of power (6.5 Watt, 5 Volt)


  1. No included or attached battery. 
  2. Difficult to use directly with Apple device. (Android would not have the same issue.)
  3. The included cable did not fit my devices. 

In summation, the Kickr IV shows itself to be a top of the line solar charger from EnerPlex. It works best with direct sunlight, low power input devices, and time. If you are looking for a charger that will help you in a camping scenario, a survival scenario, or even just a way for you to save on energy, then this little guy will do the trick. Whether you buy it or not is up to you! Do you have a EnerPlex solar charger? What do you think? 

Pro Tips

  • Buy a battery along with the solar charger, this will help with Apple error messages and will allow you to charge other items more quickly! Enerplex offers the JUMPR batteries.
  • Grab a few small carabiners and clip them to the Kickr IV, they will help greatly alongside the included straps to hook the charger to different items. 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Collin GuernseyComment