ENO DoubleNest Hammock Review + Atlas Straps Review and Walkthrough

The ENO DoubleNest and the Atlas Straps are a fantastic duo. If you are in the market for a comfortable and easy to use hammock, this is going to satisfy. 

The Atlas Straps came in an easy open pouch that provided ample room for them to be stored over and over again. The pouch opened easily and from there it was a cinch to put them on the trees. All you have to do is wrap it around, put the strap through the loop on the end, and you're good to go. They are easily adjustable and make putting up a hammock a quick and simple project. 

The ENO DoubleNest is an extremely easy to use hammock, especially when used with the Atlas Straps.  It unfurls out of its packaging with ease and connects quickly to the loops on the Atlas Straps. It is extremely comfortable for one person, even if that one person is broad shouldered. One note to mention is that it isn't the easiest to get into when another person is in it, and it is a trick to get comfortable with two people in it as well. One other piece about it is that it takes a bit of time to stuff back into it's carrying bag as it is a little small. But it is nice that it fits in and comes with the strap that allows you to cinch it smaller. Because the bag is so small, you can easily pack it into your backpack for optimal portability.

Overall this hammock and straps set is a winner. Coming in at $69.95 for the hammock and $29.95 for the straps, this combination is a good deal as well. 

Check out our video to see how it is used and how quickly and easily it sets up!

Atlas Straps

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

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