Four Sevens Atom AL and 360° Headlamp Attachment Review

The Atom AL with the headlamp attachment makes for a dynamic duo. Coming in just under 2 inches long, the Atom might seem lacking. However, when you get your hands on the Atom AL you will feel differently. The AL is built solidly from stainless steel and has a weighty feel. The AL has two output settings changed by a twist of the body. It also includes a very capable magnet on the end for attachment to a headlamp or any other magnetic surface. 

Four Sevens Atom AL and 360° Headlamp Attachment Review

One of my favorite features of the Atom AL is the glow in the dark reflector. The reflector is a small piece, yet a very important and helpful one when it comes to finding the light. This little flashlight is a powerful and easy to use piece of gear. The little guy powers out up to 110 lumens, through multiple uses I can attest that this serves a great and helpful purpose. Using one dollar hardware store flashlights just won't work for you after using the Atom AL. 

I did find a few issues that might make you think twice before going all in. Though the visual aspects of this light are stunning, the build is not flawless. One issue that occurred after an extended period of use was that the light became very hot. Now, I want you to know that holding this will not likely burn you, however, it is uncomfortable to the touch. Another issue with the light is that it can be difficult to be sure the light doesn't come out of the headlamp attachment. This was a rare occurrence (2-3 times) while testing, however, the flashlight did fall out on several occasions on turning the headlamp. These issues are not deal breakers for me, just two things you will need to remember if you purchase the item.       

Four Sevens Atom AL and 360° Headlamp Attachment Review

The Atom AL and the 360-degree headlamp are a great combination (barring the issue mentioned above). I have never owned a headlamp that I thought was comfortable. As I sit here and type this review I have not taken off the headlamp band. It is incredibly comfortable, especially when it is used with the flashlight on the side of your head. Another benefit of the flashlight in combination with the headlamp is the broad angle of light. Since the light is not targeted it encompasses a broad area very well. This feature would be useful in a campsite, a tent, or even on a hiking trail. The pair when used together also allows a wide breadth of uses other than the outdoors. This small light really demonstrates a great ability to be used in a multitude of circumstances.  


  • Overheats after extended use
  • Connects with the headlamp poorly at times


  • Easy to use
  • Small size, yet powerful beam
  • Well constructed

Thinking over all the ways to use this flashlight, I am impressed. This compact light is able to assist in almost any explore worthy endeavor. The flashlight does have a few technical issues, however, these can be easily overcome. The Four Sevens Atom AL with headlamp is certainly a useful piece of gear. Ultimately in the end, you have to decide, is it what you need for your situation? Comment below and let us know what you think about this piece of gear! 

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.