A Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker For All Occasions

Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Fugoo

A Bluetooth and outdoor speaker should have a high level of functionality, ease of use, and it should sound impeccable. The Bluetooth speaker market is getting filled more and more each day with ten dollar options to multi-hundred dollar options. These typically only hit one of those levels, and generally not even at a high quality level.

We received the Fugoo Tough As well as cases and accessories for testing and we couldn't wait to put it into action. Our initial thoughts upon receiving the Fugoo and accessories: 

1. I thought that it seemed a little much to have so many pieces just for a speaker, why so many cases and such. But it was cool how flexible it allowed you to be with it. 

2. I thought the design was awesome, having an interchangeable body is genius and the look of it is awesome. 

3. The buttons seemed big and I liked that. So many speakers have these tiny buttons that are hard to use for my fingers. 

4. I liked that all of the cording that came with the speaker was slim instead of being round. Having the thin type instead of the round allows for less tangling and more space saving.  

My thoughts after an extended test period: 

1. The "toughness" of this speaker is undeniable. We've dropped it, kicked it and overall treated roughly through it's use and it just keeps going and going without issues. They claim it will stick with you through thick and thin and they certainly weren't wrong. 

2. I was skeptical about whether it was going back to stand up to falling underwater, but was happily surprised that it was completely functional after doing so. It dropped in the creek, the hot tub and the lake and after all it just kept on chugging. When it goes under more than a few inches it does require that you re-connect, or at least it dos make us. But we certainly didn't mind since we still had a working speaker. 

3. One of the issues we experienced with the speaker is having issues with changing the cover. It tools is a frustrating 30 minutes of toying around to still not figure it out. The good thing is that Fugoo offers educational videos that pretty easily teach you how to work with the speaker. We quickly found these videos and were able to figure it out. 

Overall we have no qualms with this speaker, it is flexible, easy to use and puts out a superb sound. It stands up to all of it's claims and more! Our explorer gear rating for this product is 5 out of 5. If you're interested in the Fugoo speaker then you will certainly want to check out their site and learn more, they offer a variety of models at a variety of different prices. Comment your favorite outdoor speakers or your thoughts about the Fugoo below! 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.