Granger's Xtreme Repel & Performance Wash Review

By: Bill Szabo

I was recently asked to review a couple products from Granger’s that would do wonders for my gear. When the box arrived at my door, I found that they had sent me their Performance wash and the Xtreme Repel. After reading the labels and instructions I realized that I had been washing all of my outdoor clothing wrong and in fact damaging it. I quickly gathered up my coats, vests, and other apparel and started washing all of it per the directions.  The colors came out without any fading and looked vibrant. After they were dried I applied the Xtreme Repel to them and actually prayed for some bad weather to come in so I could try it out. Thankfully I live in Indiana and had all four seasons in just one week!! Even my fleece beaded up some and my shells beaded up better than before. The water practically just ran off and had zero issues. Intrigued I went onto their website and read up some more about how it works. All this time, I had actually been hindering my clothing’s effectiveness with regular laundry soap, thanks to the chemicals being left on them. A word of caution though, you do have to follow the directions! Overall I would give these two products 4 stars and I am looking to try out their spray on gear cleaner for my Army issued gear that can’t be laundered. Check them out at:

These products were supplied to me to test out and the author received no monetary compensation.