Granite Rocx "The Cascade" Backpack Review

The Cascade backpack is a one of a kind pack. It offers a cooler, two spots for chairs to be connected, and many pockets for other items. When you are preparing for a day hike, a soccer game, or a camping trip, this backpack could come in handy! 

This versatile backpack comes with a detachable cooler that can hold up to a 12 pack of canned beverages. The cooler attaches with three clips and also has its own strap for carrying separately if needed. The cooler tested well and kept ice frozen alone for over 3 hours. It also kept drinks cool throughout the day. One problem I experienced with the cooler was that it leaked water as the ice was beginning to melt. I could not find any holes that may have caused the leaking. It seemed as though the amount of ice might have been too much for the cooler liner. If I would continue using the cooler, I would pass on the ice and choose to use ice packs to cool it. Overall, the cooler is functional and versatile. The detachable cooler offers a flexibility that many coolers do not because it can attach to the backpack itself. 

The backpack itself tested well. It is extremely comfortable and offers two body straps (one across the chest and one across the waist) for securing the pack better. One of the different aspects of the backpack is that it has a flat pocket between the cavity and a person's back. This flat pocket has straps and allows you to carry a fold down chair, possibly a camping table, or any other items that are thin like those. The Cascade is even more well built for multi-purpose because of its included hydration system ready pouch. The Cascade also has two straps on the bottom that give you the option of carrying a camp chair, a tent, a sleeping bag or anything else with that shape! 

This backpack plays a strong game all around. It offers a flexibility that many packs do not. With many pockets, quite a few straps, and even a cooler, this bag is winning the multi-purpose pack category. However, the backpack is not all perfect. There are a few things you will have to consider before purchasing. 

Granite Rocx "The Cascade" Backpack Review

This backpack is great at being a lot of things! That translates to some issues that you might have to deal with. When hiking I found that if you have a chair in either section allotted for it, you have a tricky time getting thru tight spaces. That is common sense, but something you'll want to think about. Also this backpack, when filled, can get a little bulky, especially with the cooler attached.

Here are a few pros and cons that I see.


  • Multi-Purpose to the max
  • Fits well and comfortably
  • Allows you to pack a chair into wherever you are going
  • It has many pockets inside for storing items safel


  • Ice does not work well in the cooler
  • Hard to fit into small spaces with objects attached to the pack
  • The amount of straps and pockets can be overwhelming

Ultimately this backpack is well made, and can be used for almost any purpose you can think of. There are only a few, minor glitches I found and I do believe I would use this backpack over and over again. What do you think? Do you have a Granite Rocx backpack? 

Granite Rocx "The Cascade" Backpack Review

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.