Headsweats Trucker Hat Review

By: Staci Heiden

I am a runner. One thing that is important to me while running is to keep my hair out of my face. I have tried headbands, but they give me a headache too easily and therefore, I typically rely on hats to keep my hair back while running. I was excited to try out this hat from Headsweats, but unfortunately, I have a mixed review after testing it.

First of all, I love the look of this hat. The logo is great and I really like the design. However, it feels very bulky while wearing it and I received comments that it looked awkward on my head. One aspect I really did like was that the hat was lightweight. That piece of it made it slightly more comfortable and offered some relief during my runs. 

When looking at the hat initially, my assumption was that it was going to be breathable and would be nice to wear during a run. This assumption was incorrect and I didn't feel like the hat did what it claimed. I did like the built in sweatband, but I felt like the back of the hat didn't let my head breathe as much as it should have. What I ended up feeling, was that the hat tried too hard to be a casual hat and a fitness hat combined. It didn't fully succeed at being either.

My last note about the usability of the Trucker Hat is that the snap back closure does not offer the ease of use that many running hats provide. Rather, I would suggest a sliding clasp type closure that could be easily tightened or loosened with one hand while running. This would even offer more comfortability. 

My concluding thought about this hat is that it isn't built well for my intentions, but it may fit for what you are looking for in a hat.   

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.