Klecker Knives | Lumberjack Head Klax

By: Blake Ahlgrim

When setting out for an adventure, one goal is to keep your weight low and your versatility high. The Lumberjack Head Klax made by Klecker Knives took that concept and ran with it.

The Lumberjack’s multiple functions and durable material makes it an essential for the backpacker or the weekend warrior. Starting with the obvious, this is an axe head. As a part of the axe head, there are loads of other tools. On the back of the head there is a ruler, measuring in inches. This ruler is located on the hammer portion of the head which is as reliable as a normal everyday hammer. On the bottom of the head there is a knife blade that holds its edge great! On top, there is a gut hook that is the perfect size for large or small game. The gut hook also doubles as a bottle opener! Built in to the side of the Lumberjack is a hex wrench set and includes a hex bit driver.

Klecker Knives took into account the need for easy storage and transportation so the axe head comes with a nylon sheath that is as durable as the axe head itself. On the head, there is a lanyard hole and a little clip that allows for easy transportation at quick access.

The makers of the Lumberjack definitely did their research when designing this because the axe blade is based off of the knife style, ulu. An ulu blade was and is often associated with the skinning and processing of game. The fact that they included this concept makes for a perfect piece of gear for the woodsman and hunter as well as the everyday explorer.

Although all these features are creative and useful, there is one that takes the cake, the Klax clamping system. This system allowed for the axe head to go easily on any type of branch or stick that you may find. There is an axe handle made by Klecker Knives designed specifically for this axe head. The handle is an additional purchase, but is a surefire purchase if you intend to put the Lumberjack to full use. By using this axe head, it can lighten your load on your adventures to come. It is a definite need for the explorer!

A variety of tools compacting in to a quality axe head
Clamping system that holds firm
Convenient for the camper, hiker, hunter, or explorer

It is expensive, however you are buying quality

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.