Lynx Hooks Interlocking Tie-Down System Review

Lynx Hooks Interlocking Tie-Down System Review

When packing for your weekend trip or your hiking trip you might not think to include hooks and straps on the packing list. After all, will you really need them? After using Lynx Hooks, my mind was made-up. I needed to have these on my packing list as a necessity. 

Construction + Design

These hooks are meant to do some hard work. They are versatile and strong. However, though they do hold up, they don't feel extremely sturdy and when packing things in for a long ride or securing down something, that's the last feeling you want to think through. Needless to stay, beyond how they feel, they do actually hold quite a bit of weight. 

The big winner for the Lynx Hooks though is their unique interlocking capability. These are no bungee cords, they are designed to link together to become stronger, more supportive, and more well equipped for a vast variety of jobs. 

Lynx Hooks Interlocking Tie-Down System Review


So how did the Lynx hooks match-up for usability? They did well, but did not out perform in all areas. Lynx Hooks, while being versatile, are not the end all, be all. They offer a great selection of connections from this product to others such as Bobtails and Gear Grabbers that grab through soft material much like a grommet. We received a Lynx Hooks "Outdoorsman" for testing and were blown away by how we could use it. From strapping a kayak down on top of the car to strapping the dry-bag to the kayak itself, these hooks did each job well. Their strength lies in how they can be used in almost all circumstances. 

There are a few weaknesses of these hooks. The first of which is the fact that they are a bit of a pain to put together and take apart. This does not nullify their functionality, but it does make it more difficult to move quickly when tying something down. Another pain point is that the straps can only get so small. A set of bungee cords in a bottle comes in a vast array of lengths and often a small and short length is what you need. Though it is possible to do a shorter length with these straps, it doesn't seem like they are geared as well towards that setup. 

Overall, the usability of this tie-down system is incredible. One of my favorite perks of the set is the gear grabbers. They make it truly innovative and valuable to have in your pack. From tying down a pack on your car to tying a bear bag in the trees. Lynx Hooks will make you glad you purchased them.

Explorer Gear Rating

Lynx Hooks Interlocking Tie-Down System Review

My Explorer Gear Rating here is a 4 out of 5. They do a fantastic job of versatility, stability and usability, though the average bungee cord is quicker and simpler to use in the long run. But, overall this system is great and for the price range $24.99 on up, you will want a set to have on hand in case the need arises.