Montrail FluidFlex™ ST Review

Montrail FluidFlex™ ST Mud Shoes In Action

By: Tony Pergram + Gina Aines

Tony's Thoughts

Pulling the shoes out of the box I noticed how light weight they felt. Not too aggressive of a tread, and I liked that. I don't want cleats, just more traction than a road shoe. Sliding my foot in I could feel the cushion. That was new for me. My last three pairs had little if any cushion. They fit well in my normal size. I was excited to run a mud race in them. Not just any Mud Race, but BattleFrog Cincinnati! What called "possibly the toughest regular season OCR (obstacle course race) ever." After only running a few trail miles in them I took off. I have to be honest, I didn't even notice them once I took off. Until, we hit the first water obstacle. Running a quarter of a mile through a shallow creek bed. Over rocks into and out of the water. It hit me. Holy cow these things drain well. Much better than the shoes I usually buy for these type of races. They gripped well, had enough traction on the rocks as well as the mud. Most shoes are one or the other, not both. 5 miles of the toughest course and not a single problem. That's pretty good. And, the big well do they clean up? I threw them in an industrial washer with my running gear and they came out looking like new. Air dry in the sun and I took back off two days later for the trail. I like them a lot.

Gina's Thoughts

Montrail FluidFlex™ ST Review

From the moment I slipped my foot into this shoe, it was love. I have a wide foot and the Montrail’s fit like a glove. I wear a size 9 and these fit true to size. I hit the trails this week to test out the support, traction and flexibility. I have an average arch and the arch support was perfect for my feet. I did not have any knee pain when running which has been a problem in the past. The shoes gripped the trail nicely. I was really impressed with the flexibility of the sole. Most trail shoes are too rigid for my liking. The fabric is breathable and they drained quickly after going through mud holes. They are so comfortable, I have been wearing them everyday to run errands and to the gym. I LOVE the look of this shoe. It is hard for me to find a great wide, comfortable, and supportive shoe that also looks good. The bright pink and yellow make me want to lace up and hit the trails. These shoes are definitely a keeper!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. 
The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.