Osprey Atmos AG 50 Review | The Backpack to rule them all.

Review by Nathan Skyrme

The Back-story

You’re up on a mountain, tired, overheating, desperate for a drink…...so you have to either break your arm to get at your side-pocket water-bottle or take off your pack to get a drink.

Annoying right?

How about when you start getting towards that peak, and you need to use both hands? Yeah, you gotta get off that pack again and move stuff around so you can fit them in your pack…


Now the guys at Osprey obviously do a LOT of walking and think about these little annoyances before designing their backpacks, trying to address these little problems to help out the people who want to get exploring and enjoy the trip, rather than getting frustrated at inconveniences.

And what they’ve done with this pack is


The Main Features

So what sets this pack apart from the rest? Well, the feature list is pretty great, so I’m gonna go through them one-by-one:

Adjustable AG AntigravityTM 3D suspended mesh backsystem

So turns out the the “AG” in the name of this pack stands for “AntigravityTM. This is a cool feature where the backsystem is a mesh that spreads the weight of the pack over your entire back. It works really well! This backpack can take some serious weight and you barely notice it! It does have a downside though, the pack crunches. Now, thats not the end of the world, but you do notice it on a longer hike. In my opinion? Fair trade.

Fit-on-the-FlyTM Adjustable Hipbelt

Most backpacks allow you to adjust the hip-straps so you can get a snug fit and take some of the weight off your back, making the hike more comfortable. Osprey decided to go a step further with this and made a system that allows you to adjust the padding on your hipbelt, letting you get even more comfort during those long walks in the woods!

FlapjacketTM Top Cover

This pack is 50L, which is great for a couple of overnight camps, but what about if you’re just heading out for the day?

Well Osprey thought of that! So the entire top cover can detach and be left at home! Under the top-cover is an attached flap “FlapjacketTM“ that has hidden buckles in it so it can be used as a lighter top cover. Nice idea huh? One downside, make sure its gonna be a nice day because the FlapjacketTM is quite light and the raincover is in the removable top-cover, so rain may be a problem without that top-cover.


Remember my bug-bare about having to put away or drop walking poles all the time? I hate it. I love taking my camera on hikes and there’s always a great shot every few minutes, so imagine my boiling frustration at having to stop and fumble around every few minutes getting a camera out and putting poles somewhere safe. Annoying.

But this pack is different.

There’s a drawstring located at chest height on the shoulder straps that you can slip your walking poles through and another loop lower down. Once your poles are slipped between these you pull the drawstring top loop tight and voila! Poles stowed-on-the-go. Magic.

The Little Features

Breathable mesh pocket

Got a wet T-shirt? Well this pocket is a bit of a dream! Its breathable, so when the sun is on the pocket it’ll get those clothes dry in no time! It's also handy for chucking in a jumper or light coat rather than have to stuff it in you pack.

Hipbelt Pockets

You’re walking on some nice level ground and you get a little hungry, so you go to get your snacks out...but first you gotta take that heavy pack off and rout through it! ARGHH!

Well Osprey have put hipbelt pockets on this pack, so instead of wasting time and energy having to drop everything, you can slip small snacks, wallets, car-keys and compasses within easy reach!

Nice touch right?

Dual-Opening  Water Bottle Pockets

No more arm breaking to get a drink as these mesh side pockets have an opening in the top and the side. Sweet right?

The Stats

Cost:  $270/£170 Approx

Weight: 2.02 kg

Maximum Dimensions (cm): 83 (l) x 38 (w) x 39 (d)

Main Fabric: 100D x 630D Nylon Dobby

Full list of features:


I wanted a pack that I could use for almost every trip, adventure and hike. I wanted a pack that would be great for day-hikes and overnight camps. I wanted something that would work in rain, snow and blazing sun. I wanted a pack that made hiking easier, more enjoyable and with less backpack on/off action.

I wanted a lot from a pack. I wanted a pack to rule them all. A pack that combined some great ideas from all the packs i’d seen before.

I got one.

And it’s my preciousssssssss!

Review by Nathan Skyrme

Insta: @skyrmis