A Girl and Her Perfect Pack

By: Amal Katrib

Most people, if not all, have some sort of a backpack in their closets. As a PhD student with limited financial resources and a mild obsession with technicality and efficiency, the decision to buy the “perfect” pack was far from trivial. I had to get something that I can –

(a) Take on backpacking trips across the world

(b) Have as a carry-on on flights

(c) Use to hold camping gear and hiking supplies

(d) Safely pack my laptop and wear while biking to campus 

It had to equally fit many items while still being light enough for someone with my little frame to carry. Mission impossible, right? And that is exactly what I thought, until I stumbled upon the Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Pack at the REI online store.

For a mere $180.00, this pack delivers all without blowing your budget. Its unique design, combining 2 packs in 1, render it a scalable product, equally useful for the casual backpacker, extreme hiking enthusiast, and individual with an active lifestyle.

I first used this pack Summer of 2013, when I went to Brazil to watch the World Cup matches (I somehow scored a free ticket to the final match!). A city girl with a great appetite for non-city exploring, I then took it over to Peru to trot along the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. The LightWireTM frame suspension’s excellent ability to transfer the load to the hipbelt, along with the compression straps, allowed me to comfortably carry my sleeping bag and heavy winter clothing along what-seemed-like millions of stairs at the time. Unlike most other backpack designs, the Farpoint’s large panel zip provided access to the entire main compartment. A terrible packer myself, this was one of my main considerations, as I wanted to avoid taking everything out from the backpack just to reach for my missing toothbrush.