Overland Journal Review

The opportunity to review The Overland Journal came along and I jumped at the chance. I received three editions of the Journal, the summer, spring and gear editions. After reading through each journal, I came away with a few conclusions.

I really enjoyed Overland's focus on "Vehicle Supported" expedition travel. Many travel resources focus on the location, tips and tricks, and even clothes and they avoid many details of the actual travel method. Overland hones in on the travel method and what it takes to make that method the best it can be. The layout of the editions was well done and I appreciated the creativity of the publication.

The journal had high-quality photos and well-written editorials. The binding of the journal felt as hardy as the content. One generally appreciates the ability to go back and read a magazine without it falling apart. This journal seems as though it could last years and you could fill your library with the editions. Here are the top few pros and cons I saw, so you can make an educated decision on whether you will be subscribing. 


  1. The editions come only 5 times each year.
  2. The magazine is a bit price heavy for the budget subscriber. 



  1. You can get your magazine on the app store.
  2. I particularly like that they have the prices on items they showcase.
  3. You come away with so much knowledge from each edition, even a few new skills sometimes.


Cost: $45.00 Per Year

5 Editions Per Year

Other Subscription Options

Lifetime ($980) - Gift ($45.00) - Mini (3 Issues) (21.00)

In summation, I like the magazine and the content, I want more because it is so good and if you love vehicular travel you will want a subscription to the magazine. What do you think of The Overland Journal? Comment below!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.