Pakems Extreme Boots Review

By: Collin Guernsey

The Pakems Extreme Boots are quite an anomaly. Though I am receiving this shoe and testing it out in the summer. I am already looking forward to the winter testing. There are few types of shoes that offer what Pakems is offering with the Extreme boot; comfort, stability, and warmth. From reading their "journey" page online, I found that this shoe was created for relaxing. The Pakems Extreme allows your feet breathe a little, yet stay warm in winter conditions. Later in the winter season, you will see another review that shows how this boot performs in the cold. 

The Extreme Boots came wrapped in a drawstring bag. The bag had multiple ways of clipping it in, which allows you to carry it wherever you go. I found that it was actually a little heavier than expected. However, the fact that it is a boot quickly brought me to being okay with the weight. 

One of the aspects I came to like was the way the sole of the boot felt. It seemed as though it was strong, flexible, and comfortable. Those three aspects are hard to find in a boot and I think others will be looking for that in their comfortable, relaxing boots as well. 

A piece of the boot that didn't agree with me was the bungee cinch-cord at the top of the boot. Since I was unable to get a half size, I was expecting this cinch-cord to do the trick of making my ankle feel secure. The bungee didn't feel like it was effective at tightening, the durability of the boot almost got in the way of the tightening action. 

Here are a few of the pros and cons I came away with...


  • The boots are a bit heavy
  • The boots could be tighter around the ankle
  • The boots have a kind of a clunky design, I got a few laughs from them 


  • The boots are roomy
  • The boots are comfy
  • The boots are easy to travel with
  • The boots have a side clip to hold the bungee out of the way (Genius!)

Ultimately these boots are accomplishing what they are designed for. I am able to confirm that these boots are packable, lightweight (for the most part) and very comfortable. They do suffer in a few technical areas, but the decision is up to you! Do you want to try them? Comment with your thoughts. 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.