Perky Jerky Review | Your Salty Day-Hike Companion

By: Cary Bayless 

Growing up in Alabama I am no stranger to the delicious delicacy that is Beef Jerky. It was pretty much a staple food of my childhood. I was fortunate to be able to review a new delicious Jerky that is changing the Jerky game; Perky Jerky! When I first received the Perky Jerky I was initially impressed with the beautiful packaging.

The Perky Jerky team knows what they are doing. After reading more about the product I was even more impressed! Perky Jerky is low calorie, low fat, low carb and a great protein source. Each bag was filled to the brim with some of the most delicious jerky I have ever eaten! Not only is this jerky delicious but it is good for you too!

This is the perfect companion for any day hike, football game snack, and the packaging makes it small and lightweight enough to pack for extended hikes as well. The Perky Jerky team has developed a myriad of delicious flavors in both beef and turkey jerky ranging from Original, Jammin’ Jamaican, Hot & Bothered, Sweet & Snappy, and so many more delicious flavors! I give this delicious treat 5/5 stars for flavor, quality, and portability! Do yourself a favor and order some Perky Jerky today online at!