Stanley Wood Proof Sunglasses Review

The Stanley Wood Black Maple Zebra Sunglasses from proof are sunglasses to be admired. I was excited to test out a pair of proof sunglasses because I have seen them around for so long and been interested in testing as well. I purchased sunglasses for all of my groomsmen for my wedding and though the pairs I found on Amazon were good, they are no match to these sunglasses. 

My first thoughts

A few of the thoughts that first ran through my mind as I opened the package.

1. The wood box is awesome! People probably pay $5 bucks just for that, oh well, it's cool!  

2. I have a big head, hopefully these sunglasses fit... 

3. Wow these are nice, love the two color mix! 

4. Ooohh the springs work so well and easily. 

Thoughts after extensive testing

1. These sunglasses didn't really fit on my head just right, they are über comfortable and wear easily around the eyes, but they really didn't fit if I wanted to pull them to the top of my head. What I ended up doing and do with other types of glasses is out them around my neck. 

2. These sunglasses are made really well! They are tougher than they look and have taken quite a beating over the weeks that I've had them. I was a bit nervous at first because wood does seem a bit more fragile compared to typical sunglasses material. But they stood up to the beating I have them. Anywhere from mowing the lawn, to kayaking or paddle boarding on the beach, these babies held up! 

3. They are a bit expensive for what I would typically pay for sunglasses. Coming in at $125 they make for quite the investment, don't lose these guys in the surf or the sand or you'll for sure be regretting it. Though, truthfully these rank towards the top of sunglasses I have used. So if I did have $125 laying around, I would probably get another pair. 

4. They are very comfortable on the face, I hate it when I get an awesome pair of sunglasses and they just rub the wrong way and all around aren't comfortable. I certainly didn't have that problem with these Stanley Woods. They wrapped my face well and almost felt a bit soft to the touch. 

5. They were just about right when it came to making it just dark enough, but not too dark. I think the tell tale sign that sunglasses are quality is when you don't have to take them on and off when doing various things. I want a pair that fits and doesn't inhibit my moment by moment life. 

Explorer Rating 

For quality, style and overall awesomeness, we give these sunglases a 4 out of 5 on the Explorer Gear Rating. The tipping point would have been perfect top of head fit and and price. Go check out Proof and see what kind of wood you can get yourself into! 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.