Red Fox Coats Edition 2 & 3: Flight Lite Down Jacket and Karakorum Down Jacket

By: Molly Guernsey

I have never been a fan of the cold, but for the first time in my life, I am sad to have to put my coats away for the summer. I cannot express how much I have loved testing out the coats provided by RedFox. Not only did I get compliments on the jackets each time I wore one, but I never complained about being cold while wearing them!

Flight Lite Down Jacket

This jacket is packed with many great features! To start, there are 6 large pockets: two external zippered hand pockets, one internal zippered chest pocket, one external zippered chest pocket, and two interior cargo pockets. One critique about the pockets is that the two chest pockets are on the same side of the jacket. If using both pockets at the same time, this could look awkward and bulky. The cargo pockets are my favorite! While they do not have zippers, they are deep pockets and are great to hold keys or a small snack while going exploring.

The zipper pulls are curved and fit the natural curve of your fingers to aid in zipping and unzipping the pockets and the coat in general. The pulls also have a bit of texture on the end to prevent slipping when zipping with gloves on. There are two drawstring cords around the waistline that easily tighten in order to keep the cold out and the warmth in. I did notice that the Flight Lite Jacket has a higher waistline, but upon searching their website, I found that it is purposely this way to give more room for a climbing harness. Great thinking RedFox!

Another great characteristic of the design of this jacket is the hood. There are two drawcords by the chin as well as a tightening strap on the back of the head to help you keep your hood on when you are out in the cold, windy weather. There are no buttons, but I found the drawstrings to be plenty to keep the hood on how I wanted it. The hood is also helmet-compatible, so again, if you are a climber, the Flight Lite Down Jacket is for you! 

Karakorum Down Jacket

Ohio's last snow of the season brought an opportunity to put this jacket to use. The Karakorum Down Jacket has many of the same qualities that the Flight Lite Down Jacket has. The zipper pulls, the 3 hood straps/drawstrings, the waistline drawstrings, and the pockets being the main similarities. One difference in the pockets is that there is no external chest pocket, making the jacket equipped with 5 pockets.

The Karakorum has a draft tube over the main zipper that attaches with a button at both the top and bottom, along with velcro throughout the middle. This aids in keeping the warmth in. One of the best aspects of this jacket is hands down the extra elastic cuff that is in the distal part of the sleeve. Not only does it help keep your gloves on, but it also helps to keep out the cold.

The website claims that the Karakorum has fleece along the collar, as well as thumb holes in the elastic cuff, but I do not have either of those on the model I was given to test. I might have a different version of what they have on their page but either way, I do not see any issues of not having the fleece or the thumb holes.

While this jacket was made specifically for alpine climbs, I would not overlook it when searching for a casual winter jacket. It kept me dry while in the snow all day, and I never once felt my upper body get cold. Even though this jacket comes in at $439.50, I would splurge and buy it because of the high quality and the ability to keep me warm. I can see this jacket lasting me many winters to come.

Pro Tip: Layer the Quasar Jacket with either the Flight Lite or the Karakorum for optimal warmth!

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.
The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.