Refresh 2 Go Water Bottle | Drink H2O and Give Back to Cancer Research

Need a water bottle for your next adventure? Well, Refresh 2 Go is offering a vast variety of bottles that support amazing causes. Each of their bottles is built to give back and you can choose which color you like and that color supports a different charity for a different purpose. 

The bottles themselves are built from BPA free plastic. And in our case, the "Curve" bottle is leak proof as well. The majority of their bottles are 26 ounces. Another unique aspect of the bottles is their filter functionality. They are built with an easy to change in and out straw that has an easy slide on and slide off filter. Their filter claims to filter just about 40 gallons of water and that equals 300 disposable water bottles. We really like the entire premise of Refresh 2 Go bottles and the fact that they support a large variety of medical advances, and even are replacing disposable bottles, this is a company we can get behind! 

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty of the bottle testing. We did extended testing of the curve bottle and here were our thoughts after testing. 

1. The bottle was very strong and the Tritan plastic that it is constructed from gives a very thick appearance to the bottle. We could tell that it would be great for the drops and beating that the tent and trail can typically offer. 

2. The filter made the water taste good. whether it was from our sink, or from the fridge. The filter is one of the strongest bonuses of the bottle as it allows for flexibility and the freedom to drink your water from anywhere. Ever filled your bottle and immediately dumped it back out because of a nasty taste? You won't have to worry about that with this filter, so you can fill up at the park drinking fountain or even a hose! New Refresh 2 Go Rule: Never be without pure water. 

3. The filter did make sucking on the flip-top much more difficult. We tested the bottle without the filter and even without the straw and it was much easier to drink that way, so there is a trade-off between having the filter on there. 

3. The bottle, while being thick, did sweat quite a bit when it had ice in it and it was very hot out. This was a bit frustrating, once you have a no sweat bottle, it's just hard to go back. 

4. The bottle came with a fantastic handle on the lid that made it easy to attach via a carabiner, this is a must when exploring. 

So to summarize. The bottle and the company support great causes in a multitude of different ways, and the bottle is solid in most areas, but great in the filter area. We leave it up to you to make the right decision on whether this bottle is for you and your adventures!