SealLine Dry Sacks Review

SealLine Dry Sacks Review

By: Ryan Fullerton

SealLine has created a new dry sack that truly raises the bar for the market. Upon receiving my SealLine Dry Sacks I was hesitant about how well these sacks would hold up. The first thing that I noticed about these dry sacks was that they were incredibly light weight and that they did not have obvious seams.

Features of the SealLine Dry Sacks:

  • Welded seams

  • Stiffening strip at the top of the sack

  • High strength 70-denier polyurethane coated nylon  

  • Eco-Friendlier

  • Comes in 5 different sizes

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The welded seams of these sacks are tougher and more durable over time, compared to taped or sewed seams. Theses welded seams are 50% stronger than the seams of traditional dry sacks, which increases your waterproof protection over time

The stiffening strip located at the top of the sack is something that is easily overlooked at first, but is one of the most useful components of this sack. This strip helps grip the bag as you roll it down and keeps bag wrinkle free so that you can get a tight seal.

The high strength 70-denier polyurethane coated nylon is the reason that this sack is so light weight. I have owned many dry sacks through my adventures and most lightweight dry sacks do not last more than one season before they have a hole or start falling apart. For those heading out on a backpacking adventure where every ounce matters this is the bag for you.  This is by far the strongest of the lightweight dry sacks that I have used.

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SealLine dry sacks are an eco-friendlier alternative to most others on the market.  SealLine uses PVC-free materials that offer a reduced environmental impact over sacks that use vinyl materials.

SealLine has designed these dry sacks in 5 different sizes so that you can find the perfect size for any adventure.

Whether going on a backpacking trip, heading out on the water or camping for an extended amount of time SealLine has the dry sack for you. These dry sacks are light weight, strong and offer great durability. With a price range of $15-$25 dollars these sacks are not only reliable but also affordable.

To check out all the colors and designs of these top of the line dry sacks check out the SealLine website at: