By: Dan Jacobs

When I woke on a Friday morning in mid-March to it snowing for the 1st time in many days I knew I had to grab my board, my new SPORTVIZ goggles, and hit the mountains.  I also had to grab Joe, my 11 year old son, since this could be the last day out for us this year.  Missing 1 day of school wouldn't cause too much trouble.  Later we sent mom a text from the lift - forgiveness not permission.

We headed off to Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont, easily one of the top 5 ski resorts in the eastern United States.  They'd gotten a few inches of fresh fluffy powder overnight and it was still snowing.  It was expected to turn sunny and stay below freezing in the afternoon.  A really good mid-March day in 1 of the least snowy seasons on Vermont records.  

SPORTVIZ seems to be a very cool outdoor lifestyle vision technology company.  They produce sunglasses, ski goggles, snorkeling / diving masks and more.  They have great tints, polarized lenses, and cool designs.  Also they have this innovative design for inserts which can hold your prescription and they’ll produce the prescription lenses for you too.  I don’t use a prescription, so I simply removed the insert, which had no effect on the comfort of the goggles. 

From an appearance point of view, the goggles look as good or better than any on the mountain.  They have a sweet orange mirror lens and a white frame.  The lens has a slight bubble look but isn't as exaggerated as some other brands.  A good mix of traditional and new styling.  

From a fit perspective, they have a couple layers of foam to create a very comfortable feel against your face.  The seal and shape worked well for me - I have a small and narrow face that many goggles are too big for.  The outer plastic has a cool hinge mechanism for the pieces that connect to the strap and this helps keep the goggle flush and snug.  The strap was easily adjustable, worked simply with my helmet, and never slipped off.

From a functional point of view, the goggle worked very well, as you would expect them to.   The lens tint is actually a cool grey.  They reduced glare from the sun effectively and provided great clarity.  The goggles helped me see the terrain well especially in the afternoon as the snow got a little choppy and the mountain picked up back light.  The SPORTVIZ goggles helped me enjoy a great last day to the 2016 ski season.