Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair Review

By: James Veldt

How many folding camp chairs have you gone through?  I don't know exactly, but for me I know it is more than five.  It seems that whether I spend $10 for a cheapo special deal or $30-$45 for a chair from a name-brand, within a season or two (or maybe just a day) of use seems give out, rivets pop loose, plastic joints break or even they just aren't comfortable from the outset.  All that to say that with a new camping season soon upon us I was starting to look for a new chair.  When I was offered the chance to try out a Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair I jumped at the opportunity. 

Strongback chairs were developed out of the frustration of normal camp chairs causing lower back pain due to a lack of lumbar support.  After a long camping trip and realizing that many people couldn't get comfortable in standard sling camping chairs, the inventor worked for a year designing and tweaking to produce the most comfortable chair he could.  

My initial reaction was that the chair all packed up was larger than I expected, however upon unpacking and setting it up the reason was obvious.  This is a hefty chair.  Not in a bad way, but the chair is substantial with the one of a kind lumbar support, sturdy construction and comfortable padding.  I have been using the chair for a short time now, both outside around my fire pit and even in my living room.  This chair is both comfortable and solid, rated for up to 300 pounds I don't doubt that this chair will easily hold my ~200 lbs without failure for quite some time.  And as someone who does suffer from regular lower back pain I can testify that the extra support makes a big difference.  When the chair is packed up, the storage bag has 2 straps enabling it to be carried like a backpack making transportation easy.

The only potential downside to the Strongback chairs is the price.  Ranging from $60 -90 they are definitely priced in the upper bracket of camping chairs, but between extra comfort and not having to shop for a new chair every year I think they are competitive.  They do come with a 30 day no questions asked comfort guarantee as well as a 1 year complete warranty.   

I can't wait for this season to start so I can enjoy the camping, beach and backyard fires in comfort.   The company says “sitting is believing” and I will say that is the truth.

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