Sweaty Bands | Sporty Outdoor Headbands for Women

Sweaty Bands

As a teen girl, I am very particular about my headwear, it takes a lot to impress me and actually provide what I am looking for in a good girls headband. However, sweaty bands exceeded my expectations.

Often head bands are either too tight or too lose as they tend to slide off my head. with Sweaty Bands I did not have to adjust it on my head through the day. It stays in place perfectly. The sweaty bands stayed on my head while I ran, played soccer,danced,and did gymnastics etc. All the while the headband wasn't so tight that it caused me to get a headache from wearing one.

Each day that I wore a sweaty band, I received several compliments. Sweaty bands contain several positive characteristics that really make them appealing to everyone. They fit all aspects of comfort, fashion, and usability. The designs are extremely cute and in style. They tend to match anything in my closet! The durability of the sweaty bands is impeccable. I wear one almost every single day and I don't get tired of wearing them and nor do the headbands appear or feel worn down.

Sweaty Bands

Overall, I would give sweaty bands a 5 out of 5 explorer gear rating. They provide excellent service, with an excellent product and an excellent price. These bands will without a doubt help you explore better! 

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