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Cocoons Fitover Eyewear | Fitovers Made For Everyday Explorin'

On a regular basis, I depend on sunglasses for three main things:  driving, walking (which I do every day) and gardening/yardwork.  Of course, there are other activities that I do outdoors, such as occasionally reading, going to the beach, and shopping.  I regularly require prescription trifocal glasses, and especially need the reading aspect of the three.    I own a pair of prescription sunglasses, but have not always been happy with those, especially when trying to read the gas pump screen or the driveup ATM.  And the lack of protection from the sides.  I have long been resistant to the “fitover” style sunglasses because of a perception of them as being dowdy, bulky, cumbersome.  But these were none of those things!

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