The Acorn Moc | Cozy Memory Foam Moccasins You Won't Forget

Zig Zag Pattern

Zig Zag Pattern

Good slippers can be hard to come by. You want them to keep your feet warm, but not too hot. And you want them to last. There's nothing worse than finding a pair of slippers that you love, only to have the sole cushions go flat or have them rip after a month. 

Well friends, I'm here to let you know that the Acorn Moc is not going to let you down. I have fallen in love with these slippers. When I first got them, I wasn't sure how I was going to like them because I usually go for slip-ons with an open back and the Moc is a full slipper with a back. However, I have grown to really like this quality because I can be assured that they are not going to slide off easily.

The Acorn Moc also has enough breathing room to allow my feet to not get too hot and sweaty. (Gross! Nobody wants that!) I love that the bottom of the slippers have a rubber sole. This lets me wear them both indoor and outdoor which makes them perfect for camping and traveling! 

If you've read any of my other gear reviews, you know how I love my color options and fun patterns! Again, the Acorn Moc does not let me down in this area! They have this slipper in 14 different patterns! You are sure to find one that fits your style and personality! I love mine in the grey zig zag pattern but there are many many other choices to pick from.

Another issue with slippers is that sometimes they don't run true to size. The Acorn Moc definitely does! I normally wear an 8.5 shoe so I ordered my Moc in a woman's size large which says it fits shoe size 8-9. My Mocs fit perfectly and that would lead me to assume that the other sizes run true to size as well! 

One thing that I don't love about these slippers is the price. The style and color I chose is $42.00. This is a pretty hefty cost for a pair of slippers, however the quality is good and if they last me a long time like I plan on them doing, they might just be worth it!  

This leads me to my Explorer Rating of a 4. The quality is high and they are comfortable. However, if I saw these in the store, I might walk away from them due to the higher price. 

If you are in the market for a new pair of slippers, definitely check out Acorn! And if the Mocs aren't your style, they have several other options such as the Slipper Socks which my husband tested out and loved! Let us know if you try them, and if you do, let us know if you love them like we do!!