The UltraFire XML-T6 Adjustable Focus Torch Lamp | The Must Buy Flashlight That Will Literally Reach to the Stars

Deepwoodpro Ultrafire

By Samantha Schonewille @outdorphins

If, like me, you're used to using a 100-200 lumen headlamp, the UltraFire flashlight from Deepwoodpro will change your camping experience for the better.

Rated at a staggering 2000 lumens this adjustable torch can transform your tent into a giant lantern, alert rescuers to your location, or help you spot your mate peeing in the woods, all while taking up only 3 inches of pack space.

To see for myself what 2000 lumens really looked like, I decided to take this flashlight on a night hike. The result was fantastic! I left my car about 2 hours after dark and started my ascent. Once I was warm enough to pull my hands out of my pockets I switched off my headlamp and pulled out the flashlight. The difference was astounding. My 140-lumen headlamp illuminated about 4 meters of the trail ahead of me. At it’s dimmest setting the UltraFire flashlight could match my headlamp and even offer a slightly wider field of view. At it’s most focused setting, the flashlight was able to illuminate objects very far ahead on the path … at least until a tree or rock blocked its view. 

The adjustable focus of the flashlight provides excellent versatility allowing you to dim the light to illuminate a larger radius area while hiking, but also giving you the ability to zoom in to check out more distinct objects. My favorite use of the zoom function was to point the flashlight towards the stars and watch how far the light beam could travel. For photographers with good night shooting cameras, this option will allow you to take some seriously cool night photos. 

A few other features worth noting are the blinking function which can be used to send SOS calls in the case of search and rescue, the sturdy aluminum casing which seems to be able to take quite a beating and the wrist strap which is great for carrying the light, or for hanging it from your tent.

Overall I would recommend this product, especially for the night, and sunrise hikes. The one drawback to me initially was the price, this item is currently going for around $40. However, after doing some research this proved to a fair rate for a flashlight with a 2000 lumen capability. To check it out click here.

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