Trek Bars Protein Flapjack Review

Review by Nathan Skyrme

The Protein Flapjack The most important snack of the day?

The back-story

I was packing my backpack for a weekend adventuring in Cornwall when my phone buzzed. An Instagram message, from Trek? Huh.

“Nath, we’ve seen your Instagram page, loved your hiking pictures and we’re wondering if you could try out some of our protein flapjacks and see what you think?”

Free food? Who WOULD say no?!

The package of Flapjacks came through a few days later, the car was pack, and I headed off on another adventure.

The Flapjacks’ stats

Trek has been making healthy alternative snacks since 2004, deciding there was a much-needed improvement that could be made to healthy snack options.

The Protein flapjacks contain 9-10g of protein and a 2:1 protein to carb ratio that trek praises as having significant benefits with exercise recovery properties.

Trek themselves state:

“ Filling enough as a breakfast on the go or as a delicious snack that keeps you fuller for longer, our flapjacks are perfect for keeping you going; whether scaling a mountain of work or taking on your next fitness challenge! They're vegan, high in fiber and most importantly, taste great!”

High hopes then!

The Protein flapjack is also:

• Wheat Free

• Made with gluten-free oats

• Transfats Free

• GM Free

• Vegan-Friendly

So they’re suitable for a whole host of people's needs! Another point goes to Trek!

The Jacks come in loads of flavors, including Oat Raisin, Banana Bread and Morning Berry. Trek had sent me two boxes, one of Cocoa Oat and one of Cocoa Coconut.

The Taste

The Flapjacks do taste great. They’re soft to eat but substantial enough that a good tumbling in a backpack did them little no damage. They’re a little gooey (think along the lines of a dense cake) but the oats in them stop them being sticky. I preferred the taste of the cocoa oat jacks, them being more chocolatey in taste, but I found myself happily enjoying the coconut ones too during my ramble across the Cornish coast.

As for the energy boosting properties of the bars, I have to say that I did find they staved off my hunger! During one particularly stormy day we found shelter in an old abandoned cottage, soaked through to the skin we decided to brew a coffee and try to warm up a bit. The flapjacks were MADE for this! Cup of coffee in hand, watching the rain outside our little haven our energy levels were soon replenished and we found ourselves laughing at the day's events. It was only hours later that we heard the first tummy rubble! Not Bad!


I'm a man who loves sensible, easy and practical solutions to make my adventures that little bit easier to enjoy. These flapjacks by Trek are another item going on my “Essential Kit” list.

Another reason why I like this product is that the company behind it is so driven to make simple, delicious snacks, without having to resort to packing them full off additives and sugar.

The natural production of these flapjacks means that whenever I'm snacking on one, I know its guilt-free munching and can allow myself a much-deserved treat! (Hehe.)

Chuck them in a backpack for a hike, in the car for the long haul, in my kit bag for the gym or in my pocket for work; these tasty little delights are not a firm favorite with me!

And no, I’m not sharing!

Review by Nathan Skyrme

Insta: @skyrmish