Vapur Element Review

The Vapur Element arrived and I was pumped. My first thought was, "Testing this water 'anti-bottle' out was going to be fun!" It came in an easy open package that wasn't detrimental to the bottle while opening. I rinsed out the inside, filled it, and began sipping away. 

For the first fill-up or two there was a slight plastic-like taste. But after the 3rd fill-up, it was gone. I carried this  "anti-bottle" everywhere with me for a week and found out a ton about it. The container fills up to be about 11 inches tall and fills out to about 2.5 inches thick. When the bottle is empty it can be folded or rolled up to fit in a purse, pocket, or backpack pouch. 

I ran a few tests that will help you understand the level of durability the Vapur Element offers.

Test 2 - Drop from 6 feet onto gravel | Result - Slight permanent scratching

Test 1 - Drop from 6 feet onto concrete | Result - No visible damage

Though these tests may not be indicative of large falls they do help you understand what the response would be if it fell from a bike, backpack, or any other reasonable drop.

One aspect of the "anti-bottle" that is lacking is the insulation. While many adventure bottles offer some type of insulation, the Vapur Element offers very little. In the hot sun this is a water heater. One method to combat this would be to freeze the container; that would give you extra time for cool water. 

One of the best aspects of the Element and other Vapur bottles is the built-in carabiner style clip. There are so many times where it is nice to hook a water bottle onto something quickly. This built-in clip does the trick and then some. It clips easily and quickly allowing you to be confident that your Element won't be falling out of your backpack or off of your bike.


  1. Too flexible at times, causing gushing, spilling water. 
  2. Gets warm very fast.


  1. Extremely flexible yet durable.
  2. Easy to use cap with clip built in.
  3. Light-weight

Ultimately this is a great adventure 'anti-bottle'. It offers many attractive qualities. Being lightweight, flexible, and durable is hard to find in a water container. However in the end you must make your own choice! What do you think? 

Keep your eye out for a review of the Vapur MicroFilter, Coming Soon!

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Pro Tip

Roll-up the water bottle and use the built-in clip to keep it rolled up. 

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.