WanderWatch | The 3G Smartwatch for Kids that Encourages Outdoor Play

Here at Explorer Gear we love to promote getting kids outside. We grew up playing in the street and the woods and we learned from it! Nowadays it takes tech to get kids outside, and if it works, we are all for it! That's just what Wanderwatch is trying to do. Go check out their Kickstarter campaign to learn more! 

What Wanderwatch has to say:

Outdoor play makes kids smarter, healthier and happier. 
Wanderwatch is a smartwatch that encourages outdoor play.

  • It is a smartwatch with a touch screen, interactive outdoor games, sounds, chat and music.
  • It has a magic beacon that interacts with Wanderwatch and can act like a treasure that kids have to find. The magic beacon can take on  different roles, based on the games.
  • It has a parent's app which shows your kid's location and lets you easily communicate with them. 
  • It has a pre-paid simcard that works in the US and Europe and provides the best connectivity. No subscriptions! Outside the US and EU simply switch the Data Sim card with one from your country. We use very little data for our apps and tracking.

With all these great features, kids increase their outdoor time and reduce their screen time. Kids can have lots of fun with one watch but it is even more fun with two watches or more.

Time to play!