Explorer Gear Co. Guest Blog Submission

Explorer Gear Co. Blogger Submission Guidelines

Guest Blog Submission Criteria

  • Submit 1 link to previous content written

  • Include outgoing links in parenthesis next to their link text

  • Content must be well written (300+ words) and unique, if it is posted anywhere else, we will not post or remove from our site. You may link to it from your blog, but the content cannot be on your site as well.

  • Please share your post after it goes live

  • The topic is up to you, but it must be in the realm of adventure, exploration and must include some type of gear. We like reviews and adventure stories!

  • Submit below! And don't forget to include a mini bio and links!

  • Submit any photos to exploregear@gmail.com 2-3 ideally.

Why blog with us?

  • Get your ideas or products in front of thousands of readers

  • Get your company or blog known

  • Networking with other like minded explorers

  • And of course, the good old link to your website

  • Plus it's fun!

  • Get out and explore with us and our network of awesome writers

  • Write 3 posts and we'll send you $10 per post. After you write 10 quality posts we will send you an Explorer Gear Co. Hoodie and you will be considered for a long term writing position.

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